Supportive Therapies

Supportive (or adjunct) therapies are used to support and enhance the body’s capacity to rejuvenate and heal.


At Oasis we incorporate a wide range of physical therapies and supportive treatments as part of your healing protocol.

Our carefully selected therapies support the body’s most important systems and vital functions to help establish greater harmony in the body and enhance the body’s natural rejuvenation and healing capacities.

We offer specific treatments to support detoxification pathways, oxygenate the blood, cleanse the colon, clear stagnant waste from the lymphatic system, relieve muscle tension, and open microcirculation to improve blood flow.

We have highly qualified practitioners in all of our therapeutic modalities, which are utilized in a unique care plan designed for each patient. All of these treatments and therapies work in harmony with the body and support holistic health.


For more information on the specific supportive treatments and therapies that may be included in your treatment plan see relevant pages below.