School of Life

Reawaken to the truth that health is our birthright.

School of Life at Oasis International is a core educational program with a precise curriculum designed to help patients gain the knowledge, skills and experience to maintain health long-term.

One of the greatest lies that the human race has been told and sold is that ‘Health is impossible, and disease is inevitable’.

Sadly and tragically, this false premise has become a fundamental aspect of the belief system in almost every modernized culture from India to the Middle East to Europe and from Australia to South America to Africa.

Our cultures prepare us for a life of sickness and disability. We plan on becoming sick, tired and disabled. In fact, we believe this so thoroughly that our governments go to great efforts to write into law how we can be “cared for” by doctors and hospitals and clinics when we become ill (not if!).

It is referred to as “health insurance”, when in fact, it is disease insurance.

Hence, rather than preparing us for a life with an energetic childhood full of dreams followed by an exuberant, vibrant adulthood leading into a vigorous, satisfying old age, we are educated and prepared for a life of sickness, doctors and hospitals and sanitariums.

Asking someone who their doctor is, is like asking someone what their address is or what school they attended or what kind of work they do…it is an essential aspect of life in the modern world. And, when someone does not “have a doctor”, they are considered to be living dangerously and foolishly.

Unfortunately, these practices of going to doctors from the time we are in the womb until we enter the workforce only serves to result in that which we are attempting to avoid….so, we become ill (as planned) and our doctor-visits become more frequent so that we find ourselves undergoing invasive, toxic procedures, taking poisons (medicine) and ultimately we find ourselves admitted to a hospital where we become unwitting victims of toxic protocols and surgeries, and then we are fed substances referred to as, “food”.

Consequently, ageing is accelerated and the final portion of our greatly shortened lives are spent suffering.


The prophecy is fulfilled…the ‘school of disease’ graduates almost all of its students.


The antidote to living this life of planned degeneration and suffering is the School of Life program offered at Oasis International.

In an effort to reverse the false beliefs that underlie these tragedies and reawaken to the truth that ‘health is our birthright’, we have developed the School of Life.

This school has a precise curriculum designed to accomplish the following:

  1. Change the knowledge base (data base)
  2. Acquire skills to live a life of health
  3. Experience health

Changing (or undoing) the false knowledge we were brought up with consists of lectures covering all the areas that serve as our fundamental belief system about life and health.

Introduction to your ‘Earthsuit’ (body)

What this ‘earthsuit’ needs to function optimally. How to acquire and satisfy the fundamental needs of the ‘earthsuit’:

  • Human food
  • Cleansing through fasting and liquid diets (juicing)
  • Waste elimination
  • Proper sleep habits and patterns
  • Stress avoidance and reduction
  • Environmental toxin avoidance
  • Modify relationship dynamics
  • Exercise

Each lecture will be associated with specific hands-on training to help students acquire practical skills for healthy living.

1. Identifying and purchasing human food (where and how)

2. Preparing foods without destroying the nutrient content. Uncooked tricks to make food taste as good as cooked food:

    • 8 entrees
    • Dehydrating
    • Fermenting
    • Snacks (8)
    • Smoothies and drinks (8)
    • Sprouting

3. Physical movement

    • Yoga
    • Pranayama and breathwork
    • Tai chi
    • Exercise

4. Meditation, Mental Wellbeing and Emotional Healing

If all of the above is learned but there is no experience of health, then health will remain as just a nice theory …. And, clearly a good theory will not change our lives….experience is essential in order to bring the theory to life, just as the breath is necessary to bring life to the body.

    1. Experience a juice cleanse or water fast
    2. Colon hydrotherapy twice per week
    3. Lymphatic work
    4. Meditation and mindfulness
    5. Sleep early

The entire program requires 4 weeks for as a basic program. There is an advanced program that requires an additional 4 weeks.

Please keep in mind that this is one school from which you want to graduate.