Oasis Prologue

“When Health is absent
Wisdom cannot reveal itself,
Art cannot become manifest,
Strength cannot be exerted,
Wealth is useless and
Reason is powerless.”

-Herophilies 300 B.C.

Philosophy of Health and Healthcare

Health is Our Heritage

It is our philosophy to respect the laws of life and to defer to the inherent powers of the living organism for healing.  The power to heal is an innate biological process and can be refined to the level of miraculous through the harmonious balance between mind, body and spirit.

In biology, as in all sciences, there are natural laws. Health is the exuberant, dynamic balance that is the natural consequence of adherence to these laws.  Humans, unfortunately, have lost the natural instincts possessed by the “lesser animals” which allows them to effortlessly follow their natural requirements regarding food, water, exercise, rest, interactions with others and with nature.  In any true science of health it is impossible to separate the preservation of health from its recovery; prevention from remedyTo suppose there is something essentially different between maintaining health and restoring it is absurd.

Who so ever knows how to recover from illness, also knows also how to remain well, and who ever knows how to remain well, has already learned what is required to get well.

As a consequence of the geometric growth in technology with its’ attendant toxic cloud enveloping, both humanity and nature, the biosphere steadily diminishes in breadth and strength through disease, death and extinction.  Trapped in this cloud and amid the growing alienation of modern life, increasing numbers of bewildered people are searching for a return to “a more normal way of life”.  Confused, anxious, and even panicked by the increasing chaos of misinformation and deliberate falsehoods, people are searching frenetically through a bewildering quagmire of divergent and opposing information for an illusive “cure”.  Somehow, over time we have substituted the word cure (originally meaning care) for the term heal.  The same raw materials and environmental influences that are required to recover health are necessary to maintain it, differing only in, perhaps proportions and frequencies.  Therefore, health is not restored by the use of substances (synthetic chemicals) that have no biochemical or physiological requirement to vital functions, but rather by the use of those same materials and conditions that are the continuous source of the daily renewal and homeostasis (dynamic balance), thus obeying the fundamental principle that health is our natural state.

Both the principles and practices of any viable system of healthcare should be based upon the biological and biochemical realities of nature.  Any plan of living, in either health or disease, that is not based upon the laws of nature is destined to result in both failure and disappointment to all who follow it.

The greatest discovery ever made in our knowledge regarding healing was not the discovery of the purported healing properties of some poisonous chemical but that healing powers reside within living organisms and not in things that are extrinsic to (outside) them.  As a consequence of this discovery, the search for “cures” should have been abandoned years ago.

The processes of living require maintaining the integrity of the organism in the face of constant wear and tear and frequent injury.  Healing is an integral and continuous function of living. Every moment involves healing. We, therefore, need only to restore those conditions required for the natural laws of life to function without impediments so that healing will prevail over destructive influences resulting in imbalances individually named as diseases.

A large part of the collective intellect of humanity is spent searching for poisons with which to treat the sick, however the question remains:  Why would it be necessary for sick human beings to be poisoned?  Has nature (God) so poorly and unnaturally produced creatures that they would require being poisoned when sick if they are to return once again to their natural state of health?  

The Relationship

We believe that the relationships between healers and those seeking health are sacred. These relationships define the fundamental “soil” in which health can emerge and blossom.  In conventional medical circles, the relationship between doctor and patient involves the patient “handing over” to the physician their “disease” and hence the responsibility for its resolution.  This implicit contract is doomed to failure since it is based upon fallacious reasoning and false premises.  We, on the other hand, ask that you, our patients, step out of the “quagmire of disease” and commit to undertaking the journey towards health.  In so doing, we will lovingly walk with you upon that path, guiding and teaching and sharing. 

Healing Programs

 Primum Non Nocere (First Do No Harm)

Health programs emphasize first and foremost, detoxification or “cleaning house”.  Just as one would never consider driving their automobile for extended lengths of time without changing the oils and various filters, it should be unthinkable to let a year pass without cleansing the colon, liver and kidneys.  Also emphasized are food choices, exercise, rest and sleep, nutritional & herbal supplements and other lifestyle modifications involving the pursuit of psychological and spiritual well-being.  For many patients, their health programs involve interventions that include intravenous vitamins, minerals, chelating agents and bio-oxidative therapeutics.