Sitting is the new smoking


In recent years sitting for extended periods of time has been branded by the medical community as the “new smoking”. An overly sedentary lifestyle has been linked to many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression and cancer.

Most of us are aware that regular exercise is important for health. However, most of us do not realise the negative effect of excessive sitting on both physical and mental health. Furthermore, very few are aware that even regular exercise will not undo the negative impact of prolonged and excessive sitting.

The human body is designed to be a movement machine.

As humans we evolved moving, spending most of the day in search of food or shelter. In today’s day and age, many of us spend a significant part of the day sitting, often hunched over a screen with poor posture, only to then go and exercise intensely in a gym (artificial indoor environment) for a select period of time.

In other words, we have lost touch with the rhythm of life that we evolved with. At Oasis, in our comprehensive cancer treatment programs, we not only promote exercise to support health and healing, but more specifically, encourage regular movement throughout the day in line with the biological requirements for optimal human health and how we evolved as humans.

We have expert practitioners such as Darren Scherbain (featured in above TEDx talk) who are trained in functional movement and kinesiology to provide individualised support and one-on-one training for all patients to get them moving and exercising regularly throughout the day. This is always done in a way that is appropriate for each patient and taking into account their specific needs, requirements and/or limitations.

We also offer group classes for gentle and restorative movement practices such as yoga, tai chi and nature immersion walks. These are all great ways to get moving, reduce stress, promote physical and mental wellbeing and improve overall treatment outcomes.

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