Immune Therapies

Restoring the immune system is vital in order to heal from cancer and keep it at bay long-term.

When the immune system is functioning optimally cancer simply cannot grow or spread. However, cancer can disable the immune system by producing certain enzymes which impair the immune system’s ability to detect and eliminate cancer cells. Therefore, cancer can effectively hide itself from the immune system and continue to grow and spread.

To heal from cancer it is imperative to activate the immune system and enhance it so that it can return to performing one of its most important natural functions – eliminating cancer and preventing it from recurring.

It is important to understand that immune therapy at Oasis is different to conventional immunotherapy.

While conventional oncoimmunology tries to artificially modulate the immune system or block natural processes, our approach supports and enhances the immune system’s natural ability to do what it was designed to do by nature.  

You can find more information on the differences between conventional treatment and our integrative approach here [Link to Conventional vs Alternative page]

At Oasis we provide a range of immune therapies that work in harmony with the body and help to restore optimal immune function:


  • IL-2
  • GcMAF
  • Cancer Reversal Hyperthermia
  • NK Cell Therapy
  • Dendritic Cell Therapy