Hormone Therapy

When our hormones are in balance, the body functions optimally. Therefore, balancing hormones is an integral part of any holistic healing program.



We can understand hormones as incredibly important chemical messengers within the body that regulate key functions such as heart rate, metabolism, appetite, mood, sexual function, reproduction, growth and development, aging, sleep, and much more.

When our hormones are in balance they allow the body to function optimally. In other words, hormonal balance is intrinsic to optimal health, while hormonal imbalances are synonymous with poor health. If hormones are depleted or out of balance it can put you at risk of developing many chronic health conditions, including cancer, and will significantly impact the health of the immune system.

Therefore, balancing hormones is an integral part of any holistic healing program. When you have your initial blood tests at the start of your treatment program our doctors will assess your hormonal health. If necessary, we will offer hormone therapy to correct any imbalances and restore hormonal health.

At Oasis we use bio-identical hormone therapy, which aims to correct any hormonal imbalances and achieve optimal hormone levels. Bio-identical hormones are derived from plant estrogens and are identical to the hormones naturally found in our bodies.

This differs greatly from conventional hormone therapy for cancer, which uses synthetic drugs to block certain hormones when a patient has a hormonally driven cancer.

Bioidentical hormone therapy works with the body using natural compounds to restore balance, while conventional hormone therapy uses synthetic drugs and often causes serious side-effects.