Enhance the immune system

Enhancing the immune system is essential in order to heal from cancer.

When the immune system is fully and healthfully functioning, cancer cannot grow or metastasize (spread).

Cancer is quite “clever” and has the ability to disable the immune system by producing enzymes and camouflaging (hiding) itself. It is therefore imperative to systematically “wake up” (activate) the immune system and then enhance it so that it can perform one of its most important natural functions – eliminating cancer and keeping it gone.

“Oncoimmunology” is an emerging field in conventional oncology that had already been the focus of integrative/alternative oncology for more than 20 years.

Conventional oncology has finally come to realize that cancer initiation and progression is directly impacted by “altered or misled immune responses” and that people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions, as well as immune-compromised individuals, are not only at increased risk of developing cancer, but constitute the majority of those who have cancer. Additionally, they are now acutely aware that what is called, “age-related immunosenescence” (decreased immunity due to age) is the main reason for the proportional increase of elderly people who get cancer.

Conventional oncoimmunology relies on two mechanisms of action:

  1. “Passive immunotherapy” by administering synthetic, anti-tumor antibodies such as Trastuzumab (HER2) or Rituximab (αCD20 mAB), or transfer of cytotoxic T and NK cells.
  2. “Active immunotherapy” that a) mobilizes the patient’s immune T-cells by artificially blocking “check points”, and b) through transfer of genetically engineered T-cells and c) through vaccinations.

In all of these approaches, there is the intent to block natural processes and artificially direct the immune system to go in the direction that these scientists think it should go….in other words, “teach the immune system how to work”.

Even these “smarter than nature” scientists and oncologists realize that most patients will develop “acquired resistance” followed by “immune escape”, which will inevitably lead to a new cycle of treatments. In other words, whatever they do to change the way the immune system and the body are working, will eventually be overcome by natural forces and they will have to employ a different therapy. And that then allows them to continually come out with new drugs. Sadly, this will be unending because of the arrogance of humans to think that natural laws can be subverted and coerced.

What we at Oasis International understand “oncoimmunolgy” to mean is NOT directing the immune system to follow our commands, but rather simply removing the disguise from the cancer cells and waking up the immune system with our natural non-toxic immunotherapies and certain peptides. This approach allows the immune system to do exactly what it was designed to do in the exact way that nature designed it.

Immune system enhancing treatments and therapies

The primary treatments and therapies that we offer at Oasis International to help restore optimal immune function include the following:

Immune Therapies 

  • IL-2
  • GcMAF
  • Cancer Reversal Hyperthermia
  • Natural Killer Cell Therapy
  • Dendritic Cell Therapy


  • Met5
  • PNC27
  • TA1
  • GHK

Other important aspects of the holistic treatment programs that also serve to reduce the burden of chronic inflammation, eliminate chronic microinfections, stimulate white blood cell production and ultimately restore innate immune intelligence include:

  • Anti-inflammatory living/raw plant-based diet
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Emotional counselling and healing
  • Balancing hormones
  • Movement and exercise
  • Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong
  • Sleep and melatonin supplementation
  • Ozone
  • Probiotics and antimicrobials