Cancer Prevention

Most of us are aware of the old saying “prevention is better than cure”. When it comes to cancer this insight could not be more truthful.

Prevention is better than cure…

The cancer prevention program at Oasis is a two-week comprehensive treatment plan designed for people with a family history, are concerned about their risk, who have led an unhealthy lifestyle or have certain health conditions that may predispose them to cancer (such as ulcerative colitis, fibrocystic breast disease or pre-cancerous cells).

It is very important, however, to understand that cancer is not genetic. We are not pre-destined to develop the condition, regardless of our family history, age or current state of health.

Research shows that cancer is epigenetic (related to lifestyle rather than genetics) and is a metabolically driven condition (related to metabolic dysfunction). 

This means that the causes of cancer are primarily linked to our lifestyle, diet, stress, emotional trauma, environmental toxins and other factors, but NOT inherited through our genes.

With this understanding we can feel empowered to take our health into our own hands. This is precisely what the prevention program provides: a healing-focused solution to quickly help lower risk while gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to restore and maintain optimal health long-term.

Our approach to cancer prevention is based around the same 3 fundamental pillars of healing as our cancer treatment programs, but in a lighter and less intensive way:

Stop Making Cancer

This is achieved through diet, detoxification, physical therapies and stress reduction to fundamentally change the body’s biochemistry and create an environment where cancer cannot develop.  

Target Cancer

Even a healthy individual will have a certain number of circulating cancer cells in their body at any time. It is therefore always beneficial to target and eliminate cancer cells for preventative reasons. This is done with natural metabolic treatments such as high dose vitamin C.

Enhance the Immune System

When it comes to preventing cancer it is key to ensure you have a strong immune system. While it may not be necessary to undergo advanced immune therapies for prevention only (unless advised by our doctors), your immune system will be naturally recharged through cleansing, nutrition, balancing hormones, managing stress, optimising sleep and learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The program also includes School of Life, which is a precise curriculum designed to help you gain the knowledgeskills and experience to maintain health long-term.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing is another core element to the prevention program. Stress reduction, releasing emotional trauma and spiritual development are key not only to healing cancer, but also in preventing it from occurring the first place. The roots of cancer are psychospiritual.

The cancer prevention journey begins with an optional diagnostic test upon arrival called the TMCA (Tumor Marker Comparative Assay). This test gives you a score from 1 to 5 (1 means no clinically detectable cancer and 5 means having active cancer).

If your test results are between 1 and 3 it means you have a lower risk of developing cancer. However, it is still important for everyone to complete the program and cleanse the system for prevention purposes and make positive lifestyle changes to mitigate future risk.

If your test results indicate that you are at a higher risk of developing cancer (result of 4+) or have active cancer (5), we will advise you to extend your program and our doctors will modify the treatment recommendation based on the individual’s specific requirements.

The diagnostic aspect of the program provides both peace of mind and also an effective treatment solution if results indicate higher risk or active cancer.

All of this takes place in our beautiful healing centre in Phuket, Thailand. A stunning environment that allows you to reconnect with nature. This program is an invitation to a holistic healing journey and provides the platform for long-term lifestyle change.