Who We Are

Oasis International Cancer Centers integrate the best of conventional medicine with alternative therapies and lifestyle changes to provide a gentler and more effective approach to cancer treatment.

Our comprehensive cancer care programs have been developed by world-renowned expert in integrative oncology Dr. Thomas Lodi MD and MD(H) – the founder and thought leader behind Oasis International. His approach to cancer treatment is designed to help those suffering from cancer restore optimal health without causing harm to the body and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to remain cancer-free long-term.

The unique approach originates from Dr. Lodi’s centre An Oasis of Healing in the USA where he has been successfully treating patients since 2006 with his holistic, non-toxic and personalised treatment approach.

Our Mission

Our mission at Oasis International is to be a beacon of hope for those suffering from cancer and establish a new gold standard in cancer care across the globe.

Our purpose is to guide those lost in the grips of fear and “dis-ease” towards inner peace and long-term health. All while faithfully upholding the Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm”.

Our Vision and Philosophy of Healing

The word “oasis” brings to mind a lush, tropical expanse of land abounding with long, wide leafy plants, flowering trees and colorful hanging fruit while flowing briskly along the ground a nourishing, clear crystal stream of water that immediately disappears underground exposing the vast, lifeless desert that surrounds this little area of abundant life.

This image of abundance and life surrounded by emptiness is the metaphor needed not only to distinguish Oasis International from conventional, mechanized, algorithm driven medical care but also from the other integrative/alternative centers, as well.

All healing disciplines from the conventional medical system to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Ayurveda to Naturopathic medicine to Homeopathy, all have as their intention and mission to “fix” the sick person (“broken”).

Each of these disciplines has their own unique remedies and procedures to “correct” what is “wrong”, whereas in truth there is nothing “wrong”.  In fact, nature is always adapting and accommodating when the basic fundamental requirements of life are lacking and it is these adaptive measures that are mistaken for the “problem” (“disease”) and that are thought to be in need of correction.

As a consequence, ill people are routinely subjected to a variety of medical interventions designed to “correct the problem” while no attention is paid to the fact that all healing arises from within and is innate in the individual. It merely needs to be awakened.

Therefore, in addition to the administration of all the appropriate and scientifically validated treatments and therapies, each person must be provided with all of the biological necessities of life in order to be to restored to health.  And then in order to maintain heath, people need to be given the knowledge and the skills necessary to live a life free from illness ….“health by healthy living”.

Remember, the surgeon can suture a wound closed, but the body must heal the wound.

This standard of “true health care” was developed and refined over the past 15 years in the United States at An Oasis of Healing where thousands of people who were told that there was “nothing left to do” and that they will die came to Oasis with broken spirits and no hope only to return home from Oasis to their families with renewed health and a future.

As a result, “Oasis” has become almost synonymous with integrative cancer care, or integrative oncology having helped people from all around the world.

The World Health Center predicted in 2012 that the worldwide incidence of cancer will increase 70% by 2030 and the greatest increase will be in Asia and South East Asia due to the fact that both lifestyle related cancers and infection related cancers will co-exist due to the rapid Westernization of these countries.

Oasis International, therefore is uniquely suited to bring this proven healing paradigm to a region of more than 3.5 billion people of whom one out of 5 to 6 will get cancer.

It is for that reason that Oasis International is expanding its’ presence to South East Asia and ultimately all of Asia. And that is to manage the greatest pandemic the world has ever known.

For a full understanding of Dr. Thomas Lodi’s philosophy of healing you can read the Oasis prologue here.

The People

  • Thomas Lodi, MD and other Physicians
  • Nursing Professionals
  • Lifestyle Coaches
  • Care Coordinators
  • Food Chefs
  • Juicing Chefs
  • Lymphatic Therapists
  • Massage and Colon Therapists

Administrative Staff

The Center is staffed with sincere, dedicated professionals who approach healthcare with passion and integrity in such a manner as to inspire patients to embrace the changes necessary in their own lives to achieve optimal functioning (health).  Though their backgrounds and training are diverse, all our clinicians are devoted to what has become referred to as a complementary approach to healthcare and collectively bring to the healing arena more than 100 years of clinical experience.

True religion is the life we lead, not the creed we profess…

-Louis Nizer